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03 February 2016:

So I went a little crazy last week and I bought a bunch of new domains. Upon doing so, I thought of a great idea -- I am going to turn this page in a place where I can list any and all businesses around the world that are owned or operated by someone with the surname of Zangari. That is not to say that I will not honor my mother's families as well, but that will be on a different page, one which I have not yet created.

I know this sounds kind of silly to some people, but to me it makes perfect sense and it is a worth wild ambition in my eyes. I will give you an example: you may not know of a business which is owned or operated by a Zangari in your area, or if you are traveling, perhaps you want to meet other Zangari family members while you are traveling and you would like to stop in to share a familial greeting, have dinner with someone, or who knows what else?! The point is, with a combined list like I wish to create, you will be able to do so much more than the basics which I have listed above! 

Many of the Zangari families have had tailors, cobblers, carpenters, doctors, lawyers, realtors, professors, chefs and many other different tradesmen as their legacy.

My family is no different.

I am, however, the exception: I am the Computer Geek / Network Engineer / Network and Technical Analyst (and let's not forget Web Designer! Oh, and HUMBLE! LOL! J ).

I believe that by listing the Zangari Family Businesses that Zangari Families currently own (and businesses they historically owned), that it might help locate family members which we had not previously realized had been there. It also gives us an insight into what skills and traditions we, as a family, pass down from generation to generation. Lastly, it allows all of us to do more business with a family business rather than outsourcing our business elsewhere.





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