This page will be a great resource for people, to share those tools that I have found to be greatly beneficial over time...

This is where everyone can learn from shared information and histories.


GRAMPS - Home Page & Download Page GRAMPS is a FREE genealogy program based on GTK for Linux, Windows and FreeBSD that allows you to easily build and keep track of your family tree. Do NOT forget to also download and install all of the Windows Dependencies before you install GRAMPS!  

My Heritage Family Tree Builder - - Genealogy Software. Pretty easy to use, and you can build your tree and publish it right from the program, so that it uploads to the online website. It used to be really good, but over the years has become bloatware and "nagware". It still interfaces with the

Personal Ancestry File (PAF) - - an older software title that comes from the Mormon Family History Site. It has been retired, and can still be found for download from the above site, but it is no longer supported.  

FTree - - Another FREE genealogy program ONLY for Linux (at this time). 

Life Lines - - another FREE genealogy program, this one works for Windows, MAC OS, and some "flavors" of Linux. If running this program in Windows, it will run from the DOS Prompt. It can be downloaded from

Web Family Tree

is FREE software to dynamically generate web pages of ancestors and descendants with pictures.
ByGones -

another FREE piece of software that is great for the less powerful laptops (netbooks, etc). It runs on the MAC OSX and Windows.

IR Fan View – the best image and picture viewer there is! It also has plug ins to not just view images, but to listen to MP3 files, watch videos, and to view basic text files (including NFO & DIZ files)!

VLC Media Player a great tool for viewing flash video (FLV files), playing MP3s, MP4s, Ogg Vorbis files, MPG, AVI, DIVX, and all sorts of other media file formats.

ImgBurn – THE BEST CD and DVD Burning / Recording software there ever was! Way better than Roxio, Way better than Nero, and, best of all, it’s FREE! Use this to back up all your family tree data (including gedcom files, webpages, obituaries, pictures, home videos, etc.). 

Nitro PDF Reader - One of the fastest PDF readers there is, MUCH faster than Adobe Acrobat! Used to view Portable Document Format (PDF) files…VERY USEFUL!

PDF Lite - PDF Lite is a great little PDF reader and PDF printer driver. It is the one that I use extensively at home. The only drawback is that if you install it with all the custom settings and do not pay attention to what you are doing then it will install a bunch of spyware and adaware, so make sure that you pay attention to what you are doing if and when you install it.

Open Office – a FREE alternative to Microsoft Office, complete with Word Processor, Spread Sheet Designer, Presentation Software, Graphics Software, Database Software, etc...



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