ZGTS, LLC Home Education Services

Every family has it’s stories; every family has it’s origins…what’s yours?

This is where everyone can learn from shared information and histories

ZGTS, LLC Home Education Services

This page is dedicated to enrichment of Students and Family, by providing a quality Home Education Services during non-traditional school times and sessions.

ZGTS, LLC Home Education Services provides a modern atmosphere in which the students can learn using a "Hands On" approach to their indivual learning curriculum.

While we are primarily a Genealogy and Technology based company, we also acknolwedge the great minds and educators who have created the training content which we use.

Our vendor of choice for most of our material is Spectrum Learning, but we draw upon many other sources of educational material as well.

If you wish to obtain a full list of our curriculum vendors, please email us at ZGTSLLC@gmail.com




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