Family Gatherings

Every family has it’s stories; every family has it’s origins…what’s yours?

My family is rather unconventional, in the sense that we do not normally hold family gatherings. Instead, our more formal family gatherings happen (generally) only on Thanksgiving (I shall post photos of previous Thanksgiving Celebrations on the newly resdesigned Family Photos page). We do periodically get tother at other times throughout the course of the year, and those times are always filled with much fun and joy.

Vincint Zangari normally gets together with his sister Pamela Gottlieb every year to attend the Scottish Highland Games in Phoenix, Arizona, so pictures will be following in the weeks to come of that event. In 2016, Vincint's other sister (Katherine Doot) will also be attending the Highland Games in Phoenix.

Vincint, Pamela, and Vincint's two sons (Jaicob and Alexander) also attend the Arizona Renaissance Festival every year, around Vincint's Birthday in March. This year, they will be attending "Celtic Weekend", and there will be photos of that to follow in the near future as well!

What kind of Family Gatherings or Family Celebrations does your family observe?

We would love to learn all about your family's traditions, so please feel free to reach out to us via any of the below methods:

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