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20 March 2016:

I'm still working out the kinks of the Guest Book coding.

Please submit any questions, comments or queries on the Contact Us page.

Thank you.

 ~ Vincint ~


A Few Choice Memories From Our Original Guest Book:

Gina Theresa Zangari said: Hi Vincint, I was born in Lancaster to Ronald & Marlene Zangari. My father is the youngest of Dominic and Mary Zangari. They had 15 children and all remaining Aunt and Uncles still live in Lancaster, except for Dominic who resides in Florida. My father, Ron, opened the first Zangari pizza shop on Lemon Sreet in the late 50's. It is going to be great to get to know you. I currently live in Apex, North Carolina.


Christi Conley said: Vincint - what an amazing story! I just got through reading your notes page & I am stunned!! I have bookmarked your site & I will be back to start on the Irish version of the Zangari Family Tree - thanks SO much for all your work! :)


Elizabeth Zangari said: I think doing a family tree is a very nice thing to do have much love for your family great job!







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