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Originally this was going to be a Zangari Family Contacts page, but after some serious thought and a lengthy discussion, we have decided to make this page a Links Page, even though there are millions of them around the web, we just wanted to be able to use this as our own personal research and internet tourist notebook, if you will, by adding links to places we have visited online here.



New Zealand Society of Genealogists - OK, I have to say, I love these guys, and I love all their free and downloadable / printable Forms & Charts for Genealogists! I use their Single Page Family Group Sheet religiously when researching! I really need to make one which is similar, but theirs is almost perfect!

Cyndi's List - OK, who doesn't know about this place?! This is the end all be all for all things genealogy related!

Source Forge - Many of you know that I am a firm believer in Free and Open Source Software (FOSS), and many of you may already know of Source Forge, but did you know they had a section for Free and Open Source Genealogy Software?!

Genes Reunited - A great way to contact other people who may be linked to your tree






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