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Eventually, I plan to insert a blogging tool here, and so the posts will be listed by date, and so each post will have it's own page, where you will be able to read next posts, comment on posts (much like on Blogger, Word Press, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.).  In the mean time, here are the journal entry posts I had made in order...



December 1999:

Started work on a Family Tree; purchased second hand copy of Borderbound Family Tree Maker Deluxe, version 5.

January 2000:

Started searching through old online Obituaries and family news paper clippings and photos to find more people for my family tree

Fall 2000:

Started talking with my Nano (grandfather) about the family history, where we came from, and for any stories he could tell me about the family.

Asked other family members for stories of the family, for photos, for anything that would help me find our family's history.

Spring 2001:

Have reached an impass in the family history, I cannot go back any further for now. I hope to change this, but I will need additional information, but have no idea of how to begin to look for this information.

Have branched out in family tree, expanded what IS, by way of comparisson to what WAS. This branching out method might help me to find more relatives who know about the family's history.

Winter 2001:

I have reached 100 people in the family tree. I am feeling really burned out on this right now, and think I need to take a break for a little while. Maybe I will be able to pick it up again in the spring.

Summer 2003:

I had totally forgotten about this!!! I have been so busy, I had forgotten all about working on my family tree!!! Where did the time go?!

Found new resources online and locally to help me in my search for my family's roots. I have now reached 191 people in the family tree, but now I am stuck again!!!

Don't have any info on Nano's parents, I see pictures all around his house, but he will not discuss them overly much.

Spoke to my dad, he gave me some information to go on. Contacted some of Nana's family, they seem to have a handle on their family tree...maybe I can persuade them to help me get going in the right direction.

Spring 2004:

Moved to Arizona in May of 2004. This is going to make family history and genealogy a real pain...maybe I can find some good free online resources that will help me...

September 10th, 2005

Just found out my Nanu is sick and in the hospital. I just got laid off yesterday, so I do not have the money to go see him, and I am really pissed off about it, especially since I just moved into the apartment with Beth...I just do not have the money...I hope he gets better soon...

September 15th, 2005:

Found out my Nanu died three nights ago...I have no way to get to Massachusetts for the funeral or wake...this sucks...I wish that I had never moved out to Arizona...I hate it here! I have only my mom and my sisters, and their husbands. I have very few, if any,friends, and it is just me and Beth right now...maybe I can convince her to move back to MA with me....

October 2005

OH BOY....Just found out I am going to be a FATHER!!! Beth just told me she is pregnant!!! YIKES!!! Ok, now I am officially scared...I want a boy but I also want a girl, so I just hope the baby is healthy and that it does not have any problems...

December 2005:

Well, just found out that we are going to have a boy...not sure what we are going to name him, but I also found out that since Beth has had a C-section before she has to have one again, so we know the baby's birthday all ready....May 3rd, 2006...

April 27th, 2006

Beth and I had been talking about getting married after the baby was born, have a nice August wedding, so that she is not prego any more...yeah, that thought went over well until last week. We are due for a baby in 7 days or so, and now we are getting married in 2 days!!! OH BOY!!! 

April 29th, 2006

Beth and I got married today at Freestone Park, in Gilbert Arizona. The ceremony was officiated by Reverend David and Tee Ana O'Laighin...good was a morning wedding, so it wasn't so hot outside. We then went for food at Hong Kong Gormet Buffet in Ahwahtukee, AZ, because the food there is as close as I have come to food from the east coast, and because all throughout Beth's pregnancy she has been craving Chinese Food, so what better place to go than the place where we had our first date? 

May 3rd, 2006:  

So, here we are, on the day of our son's birth, and we have decided on the name JAICOB RYAN ZANGARI.  His name means "Little Price, King of the World". He is beautiful, and I cried when I held him for the first time. And, for the first time in my life, I knew TRUE FEAR! No longer was I one of the many carefree peoples of the world, today I became a father, and the weight of the world was upon my shoulders. The baby is sleeping right now, as is Beth, and I am sitting here watching them both, and I have no idea what I am going to do...I just know I need to become even better than I am right now if I am going to provide for this tiny family of mine...

October 15th, 2006:


October 30th, 2006: Devil's Night...

Devil's Night...always kinda laughed at that saying, since the concept of the Devil was introduced more in the Middle Ages than in any other time in history, so that the general populas would be over come by fear, which would make them easier to control from the Catholic Church...Devil's Night precedes All Hallows Evening, more commonly called Halloween, which some religions refer to Satan's Night Out and other religions refer to as Sowen or Samhaine...I prefer the latter term for this day, since I do not believe in God or the Devil....but, I digress....Devil's Night...or at least it was tonight...

The author Neil Gaiman once wrote and performed a toast that went something like this...To Good Friends, Old Gods, and The Season of Mists...May Each And Every One of Us Give The Devil His Due...

Tonight the last part of that toast came true for Beth's mom, who was taken by Cancer. Rest in peace Carol Dawn Townsend (September 14, 1941 to October 30, 2006). Tonight we give the Devil His due by denying him a servant of God...may she rest in peace...

May 16th, 2007

My second Son is born today: Alexander Marcus Zangari, named for Alexander The Great and Marcus is a strong name for one who will lead the world someday...

September 28, 2008

I just found out some interesting information: The etimology of the name ZANGARI!

Previously, I had learned the name ZANGARI meant "PEOPLE OF THE SWAMP" from one of the obscure websites that I had visited....

Today, I have just found another (and better) meaning:

Means "(son of) a shoemaker" from the Medieval Greek tsangaris meaning "bootmaker".
Extra: Rankings for ZANGARI: United States ranked 26,907 out of 88,799


Fall 2008:

I have tried to breach the barrier of time for the last five years, but had not been able to find any information that could help me...until today!!! I found some great websites that had information about the regions and provinces of Italy, and have found my family's name on a number of documents!!!

I found a website ( where some people were able to help me trace my family's history a little more!!! I now have breached the line of my great grandparents and have found all the documents and resources that I need to keep going back and out!!!

Found a great website today!!! The person who created it, come to find out, is distantly related to me, and has Zangari's in his family tree that directly intersect with the people in my family tree!!!

Started posting messages on
, have had a few good responses, and have found that some Zangari's had not just come to America in the old days, but to Canada, New Zealand, Austrailia, Germany, France, and many other countries that I cannot begin to figure out where they are!!! WOW!!! 

With the help of Ron DeNardo (the aforementioned distant relative), I now have added over one thousand people to the family tree!!!  My family tree is now at 1,291 people!!! 

Have started contacting other Zangari families from across the USA. I hope to find ones who are also interested in Genealogy, and hope to find some common ancestors that would link us together as living relatives. Perhaps they will have something further back than I do on the family tree, or maybe have pictures and documents that trace the family back further? Who knows? Only time will tell... 

Fall 2009:

Seems I got off track again for a little while...I need to do something about this....I need to work more consistently on my family tree, and need to stop obcessing about other things that are not of importance...

I now have over 1,500 people in my family tree...I think it is time to publish it....I need to create a medium by which I can share my life and my experiences with other people who will be able to help me find my roots as well as their own...

Started using as a genealogical resource. I have sent out friend requests to over 500 individuals from 20 different countries with the name ZANGARI. I hope that more than one of them is a Genealogist as well....

Purchased domain
and started working on making it the medium by which we can all express ourselves by way of our family trees.

October 16, 2009:

Created and went live with website in 45 minutes, while on lunch at work.

October 17, 2009

Started adding more content to the website. 

Added an IMAGES page to the website,where I can upload photos for everyone's families. I have begun uploading my family photos all ready, and hope that everyone feels free to share their family memories and photos as well. 

Added more information from my Genealogy, looking back into my life has been very unsettling, but good for me. I think it has a sobering and grounding affect on me that I do not find's kind of nice...

January 20, 2010:

So I have not done much with the site for a few months; the holidays had been nuts...I hope to get more content on the site soon...

In the mean time, check out the
Images Section or just go to My Facebook Page and look at the photos there (I have tons and am always uploading more...).

More over, I am going to a Genealogy Exposition this weekend, on Saturday, and I hope to be coming away with a lot more information on the family than I all ready have. I will be purchasing a new Netbook this weekend as well, so I will be doing all my research from there from now on. This will allow me to have stability and portability in the family tree files that I have been working with. Combine that with the portable USB scanner that I will be purchasing as well, and we have a winning combination!  =)

I also am still planning a trip to Italy this year, but am not sure if my finances will work out for that trip right now. If it does not work out for me going to Italy, I will be going to New England, specifically Massachusetts and New Hampshire. I might take a trip down to New York, should time permit, to get more info from Ellis Island itself, and to check with the Italian Genealogy Group and the American Italian Heritage Association

Those two groups have all the Ellis Island records, AND they have been doing their own research into all the Italians who had come to America. It should prove to be a very interesting time, should I be able to take time out of my schedule near the end of the year...

More later....

~ V ~ 

January 20th, 2010:
So it has been raining here in Arizona for the last three days, which is totally nuts since this is the desert, and people here really do not know how to drive in this kind of weather. It is scary driving some times, especially when you have a far distance to travel between work and home. I am just happy to be at work finally...

Anyway, like I said, I am here at work, but will still be able to work on the site more during my down time, and will also be able to do all my research from here as well...

Has anyone gone to
yet? If not, that is the first site everyone should go to after reading this! LOL! Now, once you are at the site, register as a free user and start creating your family trees, PLEASE! This will make it so much easier to track your families as well! 

I cannot wait to purchase my Netbook this weekend, since I will be able to be totally mobile with the family tree, and will be able to accomplish so much more  research...

Speaking of research, I found out the Genealogy Fair has a few classes that I want to attend this Saturday, each costing $12.00 and lasting about 75 to 90 minutes.

I am looking forward to meeting with the people from,,,, and all the others who will be there...I understand they will all have products that they will be giving away, as well as raffles where you could win a free subscription to the paid sites, and their software...I am VERY excited!!!

More later...

~ V ~  

January 24th, 2010

So...uhhh...yeah...didn't make it yesterday...a lot of crap happened...not very happy, since I do not know when the next time these people will be around or when we will have another Genealogy Fair that will house all the big named companies of Genealogy...not very happy...

~ V ~  

June 22nd, 2010

While doing some of my usual digging, I have come to a stark revelation: Contact the Portsmouth New Hampshire Public Library! So I did just that. I got a hold of a very nice woman who had offered me to "come on over", she would be "more than happy to help me out". 

That's real nice. "Come on over"...that's rich...if I could "come on over", I wouldn't be friggin' calling you, now would I?! 

OK...Take a deep breath. Explain to her that you live in Arizona now, that you have no way to "come on over", maybe she can still help you...


(/me does the happy dance)

OK! SO! She is going to do some research for me and will be getting back to me within the next couple of days, which is a lot better than I expected to hear, but we will see what the fruits of this labor bring...

~ V ~  

June 24th, 2010


She is going to bill me when she sends the documents...this is so awesome, I don't quite know what to do yet...gotta find more info, gotta share this with some one...gotta call my dad...

~ V ~ 

June 29th, 2010

The documents's amazing how much my great grandfather reminds me of my uncle Dominick and my cousin Sammy...weird...

Also just found out that UNH Durham has what they call the Milne Collection in their Special Collections area of the college. Inside this collection is a history of the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard and it's daily peoples...including my great grandfather, Francesco Domenico Zangari, who was the Portsmouth New Hampshire Naval Band Master, amoungst other things. 

There is a picture of him with the Naval Band in said collection: Box 22, PNS 1514 Naval Band, Portsmouth (No Print)...this means that if I was there, I would be paying about 5 bucks for a copy of said photo...

HOWEVER, seeing as I am NOT there, the research costs and such are going to run me more towards the 30 to 50 dollar range instead! 

Any volunteers wanna go over there for me and dig some pictures out, copy them, then send them to me?! LOL...guess that would be too much to ask from most people...

Anyways, yeah...lots to do, and I guess I should really get done with my lunch break and actually start working again instead of playing  and ranting on my computer...

~ V ~ 

October 12, 2010:

So, I know that I have not been on here or done much in quite some time, but I really goofed up not long ago, and have been trying to recover ever since...allow me to explain....

When I have been studying my own family's origins, and have found that various other members of my family have gone ahead and done their due diligence, as I had, and I took their word and deed as law...

This was an egregious error on my part, and because of that, my own family tree, comprising 10 years of work and over 3,000 people had become totally and irreversibly corrupted!

I have had to start from scratch, and so that is what I had begun  this month. I know that previously I had been able to add over 1,000 people in the span of 2 to 4 weeks, so I feel that with some of the data that I was able to recover from previously uncorrupted backups, I might be able to get the family tree back to where it was in a matter of 60 days, and then  will be able to add all the extra information once again, such as the obituaries, the anecdotes, the photo galleries, etc.

More over, I have stumbled upon (great program by the way) a great set of tools which I feel will make my life so much simpler. They are called Genealogy Builder and Genealogy Reporter. One of those two programs (I forget which one, since they are to be used in conjunction with each other) will output a genealogy file (*.GED or GEDCOM file) to a web page!

So, you may be seeing some upgrades of service here in the next few months, to me posting a fully clickable family tree including pictures and such!

In the mean time, please take a look at my
...I have been working on adding more content there, and have also begun the process of uploading documents from my family's region of Italy (Calabria).  

Ok, getting tired...much more work to be done on this site, on the family tree, on everything, but I am pretty tired right now, so I will be writing back maybe tomorrow night or Thursday...wish me luck that I am able get this family tree taken care of sooner than expected!

~ V ~ 

October 18th, 2010

Working on the site a little more, and within the last week or so, I have found a great number of sites, more than I had posted on the links page, about genealogy and it's research.

I think I am going to have to add all of those links herein as well, since they have to do with other facets of my family tree, such as my father's mother's side of the tree. 

More over, I think I need to incorporate my genealogy hobby into a business, so that I can work towards other business ventures as well under an LLC corporation. To my understanding, the state of Arizona is very liberal on what kinds of businesses they have and they also don't charge very much at all for the fee of incorporating (I think I read some where that it was only about $35.00 to create an LLC, complete with business license). 

I was thinking about what I would call the company, what my goals would be for it. One of the small dreams that I have is to visit Italy, specifically the town of Torre di Ruggiero, province of Cantanzaro, Calabria (now Crotone, if memory serves) Italy.  While there I would love to just spend a few months cataloging and scanning all the documents and news papers and reading all the ships manifests that left from that area (Naples) to see what kinds of great records were kept, and see if I can find more family from that area as well...

So far I have been adding "family" like crazy on Facebook; that is to say, people with the last name of Zangari, but who are not directly related, but whose families all come from the same region of Italy, if not the same town. 

It is my hopes to spark one of their interests in genealogy, have them create a family tree, and then assist them in turning their jumbled information into something much more conducive  to genealogical research.

OH! Before I forget! I wanted to let everyone know that I had the pleasure of trying out two terrific programs recently: The Complete Genealogy Builder and The Complete Genealogy Reporter! WOW! I did not have the newest versions to test drive, but I found an older version laying around, and decided to give it a try...I turned one of my old GEDCOM files into an HTML file and it was one of the best things that I could have done, because it makes all the family tree stuff that I had worked on so hard before so much easier to access again...

Anyways, it is now just after 2 am here in AZ, and I can feel my eyes starting to droop...I am going to head to bed, I think, but I want to leave a parting thought more for my self, but feel free to write to me should you so desire...

My thought is that since I have this website (free hosting package at this juncture), perhaps if I upgraded the hosting plan, all I would have to do is to get a good hosting plan, upload a PHP or a JSP file or something similar so that I could run a genealogy program right from this site, and could then incorporate all the website data that I have compiled thus far into simple family trees, with clickable names and such! 

Or, I could just go create a free wordpress account or

More Later...

~ V ~ 

October 18th, 2010 (continued)

It's later, and I have added a ton of links (moved to Resources / Links page)...

Ok, just posting those links for now....

~ V ~ 

October 20th, 2010

Ok, I just deleted the contact form and created a guest book form instead, much easier to speak with people this way, and much easier to contact me, should anyone wish to. 

More over, this morning while working on the family genealogy, I had been at it rather hard and had not realized how far I had gone in so short a time...

Allow me to explain: I had started the morning with just over 800 people in the family tree (as a reminder, I had just started from scratch again at the beginning of this month), and before I knew it, I was just under 1,200 people in just under 90 minutes! 

Wow...I have been working my tail off...can't wait to get the family tree back to where it needs to be so that I can repost it to the site to share with everyone! 

Speaking of Family Trees, if anyone has any Family Tree data that they would like to share, with just me or with the Global Community at large, please email me the information, and I will be more than happy to take a look and see what I can do with it! I would be more than happy to post your family information on my site, if you do not have the means to do it! 

HEY! By the way! I spoke with a friend of mine a few nights ago...she is a great programmer, and I have asked her if she could assist me in the creation of the site by creating an area for this site where anyone could create their family tree free of charge. Basically what I want is something like the interface that has on their site...

OOPS....gotta go...time to leave work....more later when I get home....

~ V ~   

October 28th, 2010

OK, so I am kinda ticked off...I worked my butt off on a long entry tonight while at work, published it and expected to see it when I got home from work. What I found instead was the last entry! That means that the publish feature for my website did not work. That's very upsetting, to say the very also means some of the notes that I had compiled from my genealogy journal are now gone forever, unless I can remember the crux of their information...

What I was saying earlier is that I am going to remove the Zangari Families page in lieu of creating something else in it's place, perhaps a forum or perhaps make a page where everyone can design their family tree, right here on the Zangari Genealogy website. I am looking into some coding that will call on databases to store all the relevant information about each person's family tree and will then compare them.

I have also added some more journal entries from the miscellaneous sheets of paper that I had been scrawling my thoughts onto about what is going on so that I did not I am getting real tired, so I think I am gonna call this evening a night, and I will pick back up here tomorrow on my day off, and I will hopefully have more good news about the family tree making programs that I am experimenting with right it is, they are not looking good, there are duplicate individuals in the tree again because I imported one flipping gedcom file and it screwed me again! 

I should really just learn not to import gedcom files, regardless of how much info I will save myself from typing! I screw myself every I have to go ahead and start once more from scratch, but this time I am going to do myself a favor...I am going to export all of the gedcom files that I have into web pages! 

That's right, each person, name, entry, what ever, is going to have it's own little niche on a webpage! 

BUT! Never fear, because that whole publishing it to the web is for the birds...I just want to make it clickable and copy/pasteable...that would just make my life so much easier...

Another thing that I think I am going to do is check with Cyndi's List, to see if they have something like that listed...other wise, I will just troll the net once more to find the software solution that I am looking for...

One last thing to do before I call it a night...I have to delete that Zangari Families page...gonna drive me nuts if I don't...

There, more of that page...I will post it's contents on the Downloads page, which makes more sense, if you ask me...

More tomorrow...

~ V ~ 

October 29th, 2010:

WOW, I worked on the website tonight for about 8 hours or does not look like it, but I did a ton of work! I added a bunch of links below and changed some things around on the site...that's amazing at how much I did and how little it LOOKS like I did...Anyways, going to head to eyes are tired...

~ V ~ 

October 30th, 2010:

Devil's Night...Four years ago today, my wife's mom was taken from this earth by her second bout with a very aggressive form of cancer. Tonight my wife feels her loss greater than any other day, and my heart will be with her today...

Beth is helping her aunt Charlotte move today, and I will be heading to work in about 3 hours. Beth's sister Pam will be coming over to watch Jaicob and Alexander for the day...I hope that they are both OK...they were both very close to their mom...

~ V ~ 

November 13th, 2010:

Got a little creative...found some new toys to play with for my genealogy...portable applications for genealogy, that can be stored on thumb drives or portable hard installation required! 

Some of these are free, some are not...I will have to list them soon on the DOWNLOADS page...

I also added some code to the bottom of this page, so that I could make sure that it worked...eventually, I would love to have an interactive version of a flashed based family tree program available on this site for Zangari families to create their family trees, browse other Zangari family trees, and maybe in this way we could all find our common roots and ancestors...

In any event, take a look at the bottom of this page...I think you will like what you see... 

~ V ~ 

Later in the Day on November 13th, 2010:

OK, SO!!! While checking out some of my genealogy files that I had backed up, I finally found my original family tree file!!! It was a little less than what I remember I had done, but it was the closest to a complete tree  that I had contained just over 1,500 people in it, with tons of details, so I have restarted that one, and have been working on it daily, and have been adding content to it daily, be it details or people...

I will keep working on it for as long as I can, and hopefully by the holidays, I will have it to where I have over 3,000 people again...that would be nice...

I am going to have to buy a real hosting package for this site some time soon, so that I can upload the whole family tree and give everyone their own page, complete with the information that I have obtained over the years... 

~ V ~ 

November 16th, 2010:

Added some new content to the DOWNLOADS page...check it might be surprised...

Moved family tree from NEWS page to DOWNLOADS page, since the downloadable family tree was located there, it made more sense to move it to where they can both be viewed at once... 

Hopefully, when I have a real hosting package, I can get some help from some one to create an interface like Geni or MyHeritage use so that I can display the family tree graphically as well as have the tree broken down into individual pages, like how my cousin Kenneth Kramer has his listed on his site...

Like I said, that will have to wait until I have a real hosting package, so that I can create as many pages as I need, rather than just a maximum of four or five pages...

More Later, got a few things to do before I get ready for work...

~ V ~ 

November 21st, 2010:

OK, so I have been working on the family tree still, and now I am up to 1,594 people...the people who I left off with last were " Rosa Raimondo " and  " Anna Valente "...

These two women are points in the family where I have branched out quite far...I need to go back and forward on every part of the family tree, so I can find not just the dead ancestors but the living ancestors as well...

I know that I have a few cousins from back in the New York and Massachusetts area that are Valente's, but not sure where we connect still...back when I used to see them all the time, I was not as heavily into genealogy as I am today, which is really bad, because I knew people were family, because I had been introduced to them as my cousins, and I met their parents, etc...but it never occurred to me to ask how we were related or why they were cousins, or anything like that...

I regret those oversights now...

I am looking forward to trying to contact some of the older cousins at some point to ask them what they have, if anything, in their family trees...see how far back they have gone, or if they can tell me how we are related...

Now comes the tricky part...trying to find where they are these days, and what they are doing with their lives, etc...

I have been feeling really empty lately, and also very alone...I think the family tree and the genealogy for me is a therapy, of sorts...I need to get more done, get that feeling of accomplishment back...I feel so empty, I down and really must be the holidays that get me down every year...they do not feel like the holidays here in Arizona...they feel like...I don't know what...

I guess I am just really pensive and morose right now...guess I should get back to work...more later...

IT'S LATER: Found more websites to create your family tree on... 

Just found a problem with the DynasTree is now owned by, so if you try to make a family tree on their site, they immediately direct you to MyHeritage again...uuuuuhhhhhgggggg!!!!!! 

More soon...I am done for the night...

~ V ~ 

November 22nd, 2010:

Well, looks like I will not be designing this page from work any longer...they are restricting access to things like this, so this will be the last entry from work while on break for a while...

I will update the site and such periodically from home, but you will now see fewer updates being done. More over, I will no longer be able to update the family tree while on break or lunch, so the progress will also be slowed dramatically...

Just wanted to give everyone a heads up...

~ V ~ 

November 25th, 2010:

Happy Thanksgiving (USA) to Everyone! Hope that everyone has a safe and happy holiday!

~ V ~ 

November 26th, 2010:


Today is his 71st birthday...Help me in wishing him a warm and (positively) eventful year! 

~ V ~ 

November 26th, 2010:

Just got back to work today after having a nice 4 day weekend...started off with Thanksgiving on Thursday, shopping on Black Friday (UGH!), then on Saturday and Sunday we started setting up the Christmas tree and started decorating for the holidays...I am now back to work, and they have asked us to send Christmas Cards out to the Soldiers and Sailors of the Armed Forces, those who cannot make it home, or those who do not necessarily have families or people that care about them...

I want to put it here on this site, that we are HONORED to have people fighting for us over seas, and we hope they all come home soon and safe...our prayers and thanks are with you all...

~ V ~ 

May 16th, 2011:

Just found out last night that my wife cheated on me and threatened to kidnap my children and run away to Nebraska, South Dakota or Iowa, where I would never find her or my children. Had to get a restraining order on her today to protect me and my children from her. She is supposed to come back to AZ tonight from Nebraska. Worried about my mom and my kids (who are at my house while I am here at work). I feel betrayed, not just by my wife but by my friend. I can't believe that she would do this to me and to our children!!! I can't even concentrate here at work, I just want to go home and wake up from this nightmare!!!

~ V ~ 

May 23rd, 2011:

Lost my job today from AT&T U-Verse Tier II Technical is not getting any easier...

I found out the other day that my wife didn't come back to Arizona on the 16th like she was supposed to. She changed her travel funds to return on the 27th instead. Her sister Pam is being a bitch and lying to me, telling me she did come home, but I hate to tell her that passenger manifests don't lie...

~ V ~

May 22nd, 2011:

Had a late birthday party for my boys at my sister's was a good boys got a log of new clothes and some new games and was nice of my sisters and my mom to think about my children's birthday party....

My wife was supposed to come back from Nebraska and she and I were supposed to do something special for my boys this weekend...yeah, as you can imagine, that didn't happen....

~ V ~ 

June 14th, 2011:

Happy Birthday to my Momma!

She is a life saver, and I don't know what I would ever do with out her....

~ V ~

July 8th, 2011:

WTH?! I was served with emergency temporary orders tonight!!! My wife is trying to take my kids, and by the wording of this paperwork, she wants to make it so that she has sole custody and can move out of state with them!!! I knew she was trying to kidnap them, but now she wants to try to do it legally!!!

She has some how managed to get a court date for the 28th of this month, and I have no clue how the hell I am gonna get through this!!!

~ V ~

July 28th, 2011:

I had court with my soon to be ex wife today. Thank goodness my sister Pamela was there with me...

My soon to be ex wife brought her sister in law into court with her. Thought that might be the only person she had there, but no...she had her uncle and a few others waiting outside for her in a white Cadillac SUV. Her sister in law left in another vehicle. 

Found out she and the guy she cheated on me with have been living together for over 30 days. That puts it close to the date she came back from Nebraska. No wonder she would not work things out with me...

Found out her boyfriend's name...Nathan Grage...the judge asked her what his name was...she had to say it aloud in court...

There is not much difference in Genealogical Research and Private just have to be patient and know how to search for the things you want to learn...

The Judge removed the restraining order I had on my wife -- to a degree. I am still covered by it, but she can now see and speak to the boys; I was awarded temporary sole legal and physical custody of my children. Thank goodness for the Judge being honorable, and seeing through her deceptions...

I have 3 more court dates though...September 7th, October 3rd and December 19th...not cool, especially since I just started my new job a little over a week ago!

The good and bad thing is that she is now allowed to visit them, thankfully it is supervised visitation...I don't trust her at all any more, especially considering the circumstances...I know that if she has any solitary time with my kids, and is allowed to take them over night, or even in a car to a restaurant, I will never see my children again...

~ V ~

July 30th, 2011:

It was around 11:15 pm...I had been passed out for about 15 soon to be former step daughter called me, I answered the phone thinking the worst had happened, but no...she called and started yelling and swearing at me...I hung up on her...she called back...she left me a voice mail and had the audacity to threaten me...thanks for that, you are officially off the family tree...

 ~ V ~

October 14th, 2011:

Well, my divorce was official today...not happy about it, really, but it is what it is. I can write this now, months later (it is now February 9th, 2012), but my kids are the ones who are suffering. Their mom has been with the guy she cheated on me with and left me for since May of 2011, and she is working part time and her boyfriend is not working still. He is not some one that I want my children around, and worse, to be influenced by. 

~ V ~

April 20th, 2012:

Well, it appears that my other updates which I had done herein have somehow miraculously disappeared! That really bothers me! I know I updated in December 2011 and in February 2012 previous to today, so what happened to the updates?! Hmm...very odd...

Anyways, I joined a new church's called the Universal Church of the Interactive Network...definitely my kind of church!!!

Universal Church of the Interactive Network

I think more people need to join this church, especially with how many people do not really know how to spell, they should at least use their spell checker built into their browsers when social networking and such!!!

But I digress, and the reason for my news is something of genealogical interest, but it actually is partially what caused me to stumble onto this gem of a church, to which I now belong...I have made contact with a cousin of my mothers, who also works on her family's genealogy! Of course, I was over joyed, and since she said she had been working on this for years, I assumed that she had her facts straight...NOPE!!! So, while I have some names and places with which to go on now for the search for my mother's ancestors, I have over 3,000 records to now go through, most of which are duplicates, and each containing what appears to be bunk information, so now I have to sort the gold from the dross and work my way back to zero while attempting to at the same time recreate the file while I have been attempting to recreate now for the last 5 years, the one that had accidentally and irrevocably merged with other genealogy files of complete and total inconsequential data...if only I could find the file that I had which contained the 1800 original family members and all the data therein...that would make me smile...until that time, I am going to have to work towards complete recreation in solitude, when afforded that luxury....


The best data that you can get is from, which holds news paper clippings, obituaries, birth notices, passenger manifests, etc! All of these are SCANNED IMAGES AND FACTUAL DATA!!! Please, accept no substitutes...

The best data when doing genealogy will always be partially from family records and histories. Make sure when writing down your family history, that there are points of reference out there which you can confirm are accurate so that if and when someone, perhaps one of your heirs, great grandchildren perhaps, come looking for information, they find THE MOST COMPLETE AND FACTUAL piece of information they can possibly work from. This will be your legacy to future generations...

~ V ~

June 6th, 2012

Zangari / Cutler Genealogy Project, June 2012

Working File Name: Genealogy/060612.FTW

Current Family File Status: 1,276 People


UDATE: Merging Cutler Family Tree with Zangari Family Tree


Current Family File Status: 1,472 People

New Working File Names: 060612.FTW & 060612.FBK


June 7th, 2012

Zangari-Pollister / Zangari-Cutler Genealogy Project

Working File Name: 060612.MERGED.FTW

Current Family File Status: 1,463 People

NOTE:  Reason for smaller number of people is because of merging duplicate individuals.


June 9th, 2012

Zangari/Pollister Family Genealogy Project

Working File Name: 060612.MERGED.FTW

Current Family File Status: 1,463 People


·        Lots of data of family histories filled in – dates and places added to many individuals; 6 more people and their histories added also.

·        Joined  Indiana Genealogy Forum

Current Family File Status: 1,469 People


June 9th, 2012

The Hazards of Genealogy

Been doing some reasearch on my family tree, filling in more dates, life events, things like that.

Here's what I have of interest...

Frank D Zangari born January 22, 1878 in Torre Di Ruggerio Italy - Province of Cantanzaro CalabriaDied February 23, 1922 in Northfork, VA, burried in Portsmouth, NH, in a catholic cemetery (Calvary Cemetery), next to his wife.

Elizabeth Belcaminoborn April 09, 1885 in Torre Di Ruggerio Italy - Province of Cantanzaro CalabriaDied April 1921 in Portsmouth, NH, where she is burried, in a catholic cemetery (Calvary Cemetery), next to her husband.

Children od Francesco D Zangari (1878-1922) & Elizabetta Belcamino (1885-1921):

Herbert R (Umberto?) Zangari10 Aug 1906 MA (Watertown?)24 Nov 1987 in Haverhill, Essex, MASS issued in MA

Elizabeth (Betty) Zangari ___abt 1914 MA

Frank D Zangari11 Sep 1915, NH12 Sep 2005 in Plaistow, Rockingham, NHSS issued in NH

Constance ZangariAbt 1917 NH

Eleanora (Nora) Zangari ___Abt 1919 NH

Dominick (Dom) Zangari23 Jan 1921, NH31 Jan 1999 in Haverhill, Essex, MASS issued in NH

1920 manifest:

27 Mar 1920 Duca D Aosta, Naploi to NY Lines 12-15

Nicola Zangari 67, born about 1852- last residence Torre- in Torre, sister-in-law Maria Monteleone- destination Portsmouth, NH- in US, 1909/1912 Mass- joining son Francesco Zangari, Bandmaster Naval Band, New York (Portmouth)- born in Torre di Ruggiero

Maria Monteleone 64, born about 1855- joining son- born in Torre di Ruggiero

Domenico Zangari 28, born about 1891- single- joining brother- in US, 1907/1912 Mass- born in Torre di Ruggiero

Maria Zangari 20, born about 1899- single- joining brother- born in Torre di Ruggiero

Frank’s brother Domenico (from the 1920 manifest)?

possible 1942 WWII Draft Registration Card:

Dominick Zangari Age: 5155 Bridge StreetPortsmouth, Rockingham, NHBorn 17 Jun 1891 in Torre di RuggieroWife MariannaEmployer Eastman Cleaners, State Street, Portsmouth

possible 1930 census (name transcription directly from

Home in 1930: 42 Charles Street, rent $75, Portsmouth, Rockingham, New Hampshire

Dominic Zaragosa 39, born about 1891 IT- married age 33, born about 1924- immig 1920, NA (naturalized citizen)- tailor, tailor shop

Wife Marion Zaragosa 25, born about 1905 IT- immig 1919, NA- laundress, steam laundry

Son Nicholas Zaragosa 6, born about 1924 NHSon Demerise (Dominic) Zaragosa 3, born about 1927 NHNiece Elizabeth Zaragosa 16, born about 1914 MANephew Frank Zaragosa 15, born about 1915 MANiece Constance Zaragosa 13, born about 1917 NHNiece Elenora Zaragosa 11, born about 1919 NHNephew Dominic Zaragosa 9, born about 1921 NH

--- NOTE: on the above record, someone transcribed it wrong! They either mistyped or could not read what they were typing: Zaragosa is actually Zangari on the referenced line, when you examine the record itself! Ahhh, the pitfalls of genealogy, and why you always need to cross reference EVERYTHING! ---

The below places Frank Zangari in Boston in March 1908; Another manifest for his father Nicola, brother Domenico and a cousin Lorenzo Arone

1908 manifest, page 222 Mar 1908 Regina D Italia, Naples to NYLines 9-10 and line 12

Nicola Zangari 55, abt 1852- married- last residence Catanzaro, Torre di Ruggiero- in Torre di Ruggiero, wife M’Concetta Monteleone- destination, Boston, Mass- in US before, NY (years hard to read, could be 0/08 = 1900-1908?)- joining son Francesco Zangari at 192 North Street, Boston- born in Catanzaro, Torre di Ruggiero

Son Domenico Zangari 17, abt 1890- single- not in US before

Lorenzo Arone 18, abt 1889- nephew of line 9- single- last residence Catanzaro, Torre di Ruggiero- in Torre di Ruggiero, father Giuseppe- joining cousin Francesco Zangari at 192 North Street, Boston

From 1900 census Home in June 1900:

El Deposito, Manila, Luzon, Philippine Islands, Military and Naval Forces -- N.C.S.? & Band?, 42nd US Volunteer Infantry

Frank Zangari 21- corporal- 168 Astor, New York, NY- born Jan 1879 in Italy- single- immig 1898, in US 2 yrs, Al

Francesco Zangari’s Pension Index Card From
Publication Number: T289Publication Title:Organization Index to Pension Files of Veterans Who Served Between 1861 and 1900.Publisher: NARAArm Of Service: InfantryRegiment: 42Name: Zangari, FrankRank: BandRoll Number: 687

It would be great if the below manifest was easier to read! It appears that a lot of the information wasn’t filled in, or was written over since Elizabetta was a US Citizen…

1912 manifest, page 2

19 Jun 1912, SS Oceania, Naples to NYLines 3-4

Elizabetta Belcamino 27, abt 1885- married- last residence Torre di Ruggiero- overwriting: USC Husband’s citizen?- can’t decipher if there is a relative in Torre di Ruggiero,could be Zangari?- destination looks like NY or Newark?- overwriting pg 2 US? July 1, 1901?- in US 1900? 1907 1910, in NY- joining husband Francesco Zingaro ?? C/O postmaster, 222 Thompson St NY- overwriting discharged to husband- born in Torre di Ruggiero

Son Umberto 5, abt 1907- overwriting US born Boston Mass?

Watertown (MA) City Directory, 1907 places Francesco there, while the Portsmouth NH City Directories place Francesco and his brother Domenico there on the following dates:

1918 Francesco
1926 Domenico
1928 Domenico
1931 Domenico

And that's what I have for now....Hope this helps some, even if just a modicum....I will enter this information into my genealogy software a little later, after I have done some more research and found supporting pictures, if there are any...

~ V ~


June 10th, 2012

Zangari/Pollister Family Genealogy Project

Beginning Family File Status: 1,469 People


·        Fixed relationship mistakes and merged more duplicate individuals manually, so there was no problem with relations.

·        Deleting people unrelated to my direct tree and family and those who had never married into family, but only had long term relationships.

·        Cleaning family file has resulted in removal of 20+ people.

·        After mergers, family file status = 1,466 People

·        After removals of non-related people, family file status = 1,390 People

Ending Family File Status: 1,391 People

NOTE: I had removed a number of people, and the family file status was = 1,383 People, but had found more relatives on my mother’s side of the family tree. I have found even more people whole are not directly related in the family tree. I had – for a time – incorporated excessive family data from families who had married into the family, and gone on tangents of researching their families, thereby detracting from my own family’s research…something I could not abide by any further…so, in the essense of purity of the family file, I have purged a number of very distantly related people from my family distracted too much for my liking...


June 16th, 2012

Zangari/Pollister Family Genealogy Project

Beginning Family File Status: 1,377 People


·        I have not been able to work on the family tree much this last week; I am only now writing a brief log to chronicle my work tonight. It is 11:15 pm…my boys are asleep, my mother is at my sister’s house for the weekend and I am alone for a short time with my thoughts.

·        I began going through old books and files and I found old news paper clippings (obituaries, obsequies, etc.) which hold a nice trove of genealogical data, so I am going to type out the articles tonight and tomorrow, and then I will set up one of my computers to use for scanning the articles.

·        I also found two more CDs which hold prior genealogical files, so I will see what data I can import from there.


Working File Name: 060612.MERGED.FTW

Working Directory: \\Genealogy Research\060612\060612.MERGED.FTW



June 17th, 2012

Zangari/Pollister Family Genealogy Project


·        Found a family tree from my cousin “EW”. This family tree encompasses my father’s maternal lineage (for the surname THIBEAULT). I am going to merge “EW’s” family tree with mine, but I have my reservations about merging into any original and perfected files, so I have copied the files to a temporary directory (in case of data corruption or inaccurate facts).

Temporary Working Directories:

Family Tree Maker 5 – \\Genealogy Research\EW\FTW\

Family Tree Builder – \\Genealogy Research\EW\FTB\

Family Tree Maker 2009 – \\Genealogy Research\EW\FTM2K9\

Temporary Family File Status: 1,549 People



·        I know better than to try to merge through my usual database of FTM9, so I have used Family Tree Builder, but I have merely appended my family tree files, I did not merge them. I had run the merger through Family Tree Builder, but it had FAILED. I have now run the full merger through Family Tree Maker 2009.

Merger Count: 1,531 People


RESOLUTION: Discard tree. Delete My Heritage FTB files and remove program. Delete Ancestry FTM2K9 files and remove program. Begin restoration of backup files.

EXPERIMENT: Using FTM2K9 for building and updating family tree.

CONCLUSION: Unsatisfactory; Unproductive; save for later date when productivity is not important.


June 18th, 2012

Today is a day of mourning…my former step daughter (Ariel Jerč Weddle) died today of complications involving her Cystic Fibrosis and Pseudomonas. I have updated the family tree with this information and I wrote a poem in her memory entitled “Ariel’s Lament”.

It goes like this…

“Ariel’s Lament”


A little girl went to Heaven today,

The angels came and took her away.


She had a genetic defect,

Some people called it a disease.




Because she couldn’t eat,

She couldn’t breathe?!


She just wanted to be normal,

She didn’t want to take medicine,

Just so she could breathe.


The angels have her in Heaven now,

She is finally free…


~ By Vincint Zangari ~

18 June 2012





 October 5, 1992

 June 18, 2012

 Mohr Funeral Home - Ponca, Nebraska

Ariel Jere' "A.J." Weddle, 19 of South Sioux City, NE passed away at Upstate University Hospital in Syracuse, NY on Monday, June 18, 2012 from complications of cystic fibrosis.

Funeral services will be held at 11:00 A.M. on Friday, June 22, 2012 at River Hills Church in South Sioux City, NE with Pastor Kevin Roach officiating. Burial will be in Omaha Valley Cemetery in rural Homer, NE. Visitation will be held at the Mohr Funeral Home in South Sioux City, NE on Thursday, June 21, 2012 from 5:00 P.M. to 8:00 P.M., with the family present at 6:00 P.M. Online condolences may be posted at

Ariel was born in Yankton, SD on October 5, 1992, the daughter of George R. and Elizabeth K. (Coffman) Weddle. She lived in South Sioux City, NE. She graduated from South Sioux City High School in 2011. During high school she worked at Hy-Vee in South Sioux City. She attended Western Iowa Tech. before moving to New York a few weeks ago.

She attended River Hills' bible school class, and was a real communicator on Facebook.

Survivors include her parents, George (Nancy) Weddle of South Sioux City, NE and Elizabeth Coffman of Phoenix, AZ; her fiance', Ismael "Izzy" Rosales; brothers, Daniel Weddle of Sioux City, IA, Jonathon (Ashley) Lacy of Dakota City, NE, Derek Lacy of South Sioux City, NE, and Jaicob and Alex Zangari of Phoenix, AZ; 1 niece, Mylee Lacy of Dakota City, NE; grandparents, Gerald Weddle of Ohio, Betty Weddle of Waco, TX, Ken Coffman of Phoenix, AZ, Darlene (Byron) Kruse of Mapleton, IA; her entire family from Arizona and several aunts, uncles and cousins.

Ariel was preceded in death by her grandmother, Carol Townsend-Hull.



June 19th, 2012

Beginning Family File Status: 1,377 People

NOTE: Found more info on Charles Dickens Orcutt and Zoella Boughner.

Zoella H Boughner had a sister named Inez L. Boughner, who married a George Booth. Inez gave birth to at least one child, Edwina, who later married someone with the last name of ROLLMAN.

UPDATE: Added more facts to family tree as well as a few photos and census images.

Ending Family File Status: 1,380 People


June 21st, 2012

Beginning Family File Status: 1,380 People

NOTE: I have found plenty of people that do not belong in my family tree; my exwife’s father’s girlfriend’s family.

I have also removed all of my exwife’s sister Vickie’s husband’s family, since they also are indirectly related.

I have removed them all now, and have searched my tree for any “abandoned” individuals, finding no others (at this time).

I have also received some new-to-me (second hand) genealogy software that I ordered on Father’s Day! The software includes Lineage Family Tree Maker and Broderbund Family Tree Maker CDs #2, #146 and #354.

New Family File Status: 1,179 People


June 23rd, 2012

Beginning Family File Status: 1,179 People

NOTE: I have added lots of information about my mother’s ancestors; I have also added more of my mother’s family members.


I just received Broderbund Family Tree Maker 7 in the mail today…I have been using version 5 for over 10 years now, and I figured it was finally time to upgrade.

I also received some other Family Tree Maker supplementals and genealogy CDs.

It appears that version 7 of FTM does not install on Windows 7, which is the same problem I had with version 5 and the reason I had upgraded. However, trusting that FTM7 is like FTM5 in that I can install it to Windows Vista or XP or Windows 2000, and then copy the installation folder to a flash drive to drop onto Windows 7 as a portable app seems to not have worked; there are some missing files. I will need to file that thought away for future reference, and find the missing files online to add to the portable installation directory for later use.


July 8th, 2012

Beginning Family File Status: 1,185 People

NOTE: Began adding more content to the family tree (photos, historical documents, census records, etc). Today I began researching mom’s CUTLER and ORCUTT families; I found a great ORCUTT family discussion, which basically has confused me more than I all ready had been with regards to the family name.

There are all sorts of ORCUTT families on this website; some are claiming the name comes from England, while others say it is of Scottish in origin and a derivative of the Scottish name URQUHART, from someplace called WARWICKSHIRE.

I have decided to post my ORCUTT lineage on my Facebook page, in hopes of connecting with other genealogists who may also be researching that family name.

I started work on the new and improved family tree website, which I am building in Dreamweaver MX. I plan on having forums on this site, or maybe trying to convince the owners of the Italian Genealogy site to allow me to share a portion of their site’s forums, mirroring the code on my site, so there is a direct link to their site, but opening in mine. I know that’s farfetched, but I love their forums, and wish I could program like that, although I know they are using a prefab code base.

I also plan on integrating an interface similar to on the site, so that family members can build their family trees on my site, so we can all tie our families together in a much simpler way.



July 9th, 2012

Beginning Family File Status: 1,187 People

NOTE: I discovered one side of mom’s family going back to Canada and another to Germany. I all ready had her family going back to London England in the year 1600, but these discoveries are going to make it much more difficult to research her family (unless I can find translators).

I discovered a few more duplicate people in my family tree again (it happens when there are so many people with the exact same name). I have merged these people and thereby unlocked more family data that I may have otherwise turned a blind eye to.

I have begun verifying my father’s family; I found I still have many missing people, missing dates, missing places, etc…

I have become increasingly frustrated with FTM’s extension CDs, where I need to be in FTM to read the contents. I have started searching for a way to open the INX and TRT file extensions.

I have found that INX files have been used by many different programs throughout the last 20 years or so. Some of these programs include Adobe In Design (as an XML file), Fox Base/Fox Pro/Visual Fox Pro, and a host of others. The INX file extension is and INDEX file, showing the table of contents for another file, such as it were.

The TRT file extension is a different matter. I have found many different programs which have used this file extension as well, but have not found what the file extension means as of yet. One of the programs I have found which has used this extension is Team Sports Scheduling System Report Template.



August 1st, 2012

I HAVE BEEN BUSY!!! I have found lots of new people and lots of new information about the people I all ready had in the family tree!!!

I am going to contact Elm Lawn Cemetery in Tonawanda, New York.  I had found their website (, but there are no names listed as to who is buried in the cemetery. I wonder if they have any information on file and if they will charge me for lookups…

I have entered more records and sources to the family tree today, but I did not get a number before I closed it down.


EDIT:  I spoke with the people at Elm Lawn, and they have provided the information I wondered about.

Genealogy Requests are $5.00 per name lookup, plus self addressed stamped envelope for return of information. The information provided in the lookup is the date of death, the date of internment, the cause of death, the last address of the deceased, their approximate age at the time of death, their birthplace, the Funeral Home who interred them, and the information for their closest living relative (whenever possible). This information must be requested in writing, along with a money order payable to: 

Elm Lawn Cemetery
3939 Delaware Ave
Kenmore, New York




August 5th, 2012

Beginning Family File Status: 1,229 People

NOTE: I have been working on the 1940 census, and will be for months to come, but that will not suffice to find older ancestors, it will merely help me better locate the living ones. I want to find out more information, but I will need a lot more resources to fall back on than I currently have at my disposal.


August 6th, 2012

NOTE:  I have spoken to my father, who had just spoken to his Aunt Theresa. According to Aunt Theresa, we are related to a Zangari family in Bruxelles, Belgium.

This one Zangari family only spoke French while they were here in the United States (specifically in Haverhill, Massachusetts), back in the 1980’s.

My father believes the man who was here was named Francesco Zangari, the same as my great grandfather’s name.



August 9th, 2012

I have found about 20 of my mom’s ancestors in the last week. I had to go down to the local library to download the images from, however…

I have found increasingly more and more of my mom’s ancestors, and I actually just found her mother’s obituary, from Corbin, Kentucky – something that I have been unable to find since she had passed a few years ago…



/November 12th, 2012:

We just went live with the new site! I cannot wait to read all the feedback from the new layout!!!

~ V ~

November 13th, 2012:

I have been working on the website for about 4 or 5 months now. I was about to go live with the site on November 12th (ten days later than I originally wanted), when I had an information security friend take a look at the site. His input was so invaluable to me that I ripped the site down as quickly as I had published it. The website has been redesigned once more, this time using new templates and tools and with a different approach to the site in mind.

The new direction is to make this site much more concise, and not to include information that is counter productive to the site, which we have designed specifically for genealogy purposes. With that in mind, I have begun the long process of collecting data snippets to help me better the over all user experience and design.

I hope you all enjoy!

~ V ~

Thanksgving Day, 2012:

HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!! I am doing the Gobble Gobble with the family over my oldest sister's house, and looking forward to seeing some of my sister's friends who I have not seen in many years now.

Be safe everyone!!! Happy Turkey Day!!!

~ V ~

December 3rd, 2012:

So I just went to view my site on the web, and some how it did not come out through the internet the way it appeared on my computer or via the web host.

In fact, I don't know where these obscure files came from that are on my site at all, so I have had to delete the site from the web and will try to reupload it again and see if that makes any difference.

~ V ~

December 7th, 2012:

I have tried uploading and reuploading the site all week, but for some reason it just does not come out how it looks on my screen....going to have to clean the code and probably rewrite the site from scratch...I am getting too old for this...think I am going to start using an editor again, forget the coding...I am getting far too old to keep up with the ever changing inter-webs. So, either I strike it rich and just have a hosting company build it for me, or I just use an editor....since I don't see myself becoming filthy rich any time soon, looks like I will be looking into an editor....

~ V ~


December 24th, 2014:

I take no credit for the below poem, but it's something that I read every year and I thank all of our Military and Veterans around the world for all their service to their country, and to keep this country great.

A Soldier's Night Before Christmas























Merry Christmas and Many Blessings to You All.....

~ Vincint ~  


02 February 2016:

So I have no idea what I am doing with this site lately...I have so many ideas and no time to do anything lately!

I am trying to teach myself MySQL, PHP, Joomla, Drupal, XAMPP, and tons of other languages which the Internet functions on, but have not been overly successful as of yet. In fact, today I installed over 20 gigabytes worth of software just to screw up the install after working on it for 6 hours, so I had to wipe the system and start fresh once more. Yeah, not very happy with myself right now...I really need to get that server up and running....

~ V ~


03 February 2016:

So I went a little crazy last week and I bought a few new domains, one of which was I think that I am going to turn that into a page where I will list nothing but businesses around the world that are owned or operated by someone with the surname of Zangari...

I know this sounds kind of silly to some people, but to me it makes perfect sense and it is a worth wild ambition, because you may not know of a business which is owned or operated by a Zangari in your area, or if you are traveling, perhaps you want to meet other Zangari family members while you are traveling and you would like to stop in to share a familial greeting, who knows, the point is, with a combined list like this, you will be able to do just that!

Many of the Zangari families have had tailors, cobblers, carpenters, doctors, lawyers, realtors, professors, chefs and many different tradesmen as their legacy. My family is no different...I am, however, the exception: I am the Computer Geek / Network Engineer / Network and Technical Analyst (and let's not forget Web Designer! Oh, and HUMBLE, yeah, that's a big LOL!)

I believe that by listing the businesses that Zangari Families currently own (and businesses they historically owned), that it might help locate family members which we had not previously realized had been there. It also gives us an insight into what skills and traditions we, as a family, pass down from generation to generation.
~ V ~


08 February 2016:

I have decided that I want to add an e-commerce portion to this website...I mean, who of us doesn't want to have specialized Zangari Gear?!

T-shirts, sweatshirts and hoodies, beanie hats, etc...I think it would be a lot of fun to design that stuff, and then marketing it would be even more fun! I cannot wait to start the initial designs! Oh, then I have to add a shopping cart or something....hmmm....

Maybe I will just add an eBay store or something....I am going to have to think this through a little more....the initial investment might be the deal breaker....I will have to research this further....

~ V ~


17 March 2016:

Well, my contract with ADOT has come to a completion today. Bittersweet as it is, I have made a number of good friends and have learned a number of new things, which will greatly benefit me in the future. I will get back to the job market on Monday, once things have settled down, and I am sure that by the end of next week, I will have a new position available to me.

~ V ~


18 March 2016:

It has not been the greatest 24 hours of my life, but it also has not been the worst. My youngest sayed home from school today and has been puking up a storm. He is supposed to be going to his mom's this weekend, but I don't know if that will happen now....I look forward to this weekend, when I go to the Highland Games in Phoenix with my sisters, but I don't want to leave him if he is day at a time, right?


My ex has picked up my boys, but it still looks like I will be home bound tonight, while I am getting ready for the Highland Games, but I have invited a friend over to visit and relax with and maybe someone who I can watch some anime with...


Yay! I am hanging with my friend Babs....she likes my kilt....good thing I had not been wearing it!  Hahahahaha! She is going to kill me when she reads this, but she knows this is all in fun and I kid around with her because she is my least, I hope she is still my friend after reading this! HAHAHAHAHA!!!!

~ V ~


19 March 2016: 

9 AM: Ok, so my boys went to their mom's house last night, and I guess my youngest is feeling a little bit better this morning, so that makes me feel a little better. I will check in with them again later on, but for now, it's off to the Highland Games with my sisters I go!

5 PM: Got back from the Highland Games a couple of minutes ago, and I want to give a huge shout out to some great people: Clan Cameron! Every year when we go, they are always very helpful and are such great people to hang out with! I also ran into some Orcutt / Urquhart relatives, and I handed out a bunch of business cards so there will be tons more updates going on soon on that front as well. My sisters and I were all wearing our kilts, and I have to say the women wearing mini kilts were in abundance there this year...thank you for

On a different note, I came home to find my air conditioning had gone out...not good when you are sun burned! So, I called for service and they will be here tomorrow....keeping my fingers crossed that it is earlier in the day, rather than later, when it's in the 90's again.

Back to working on the website, and writing more code... 

~ V ~


20 March 2016:

I have been working on the website more today, the formatting and such, and am happier now with the format than I was previously. About 2 pm, the AC repairman came, and now my house is once again a comfy 76° F.  My youngest is still sick, but has eaten ice cream and has lost his voice due to the flu bug he caught...sigh...more home time for he and I, it appears....

~ V ~

21 March 2016:

I have been annoyed by something on my site, and have had a few technical problems (which I was able to resolve), but I think I want to merge the content from my Legends page and the content from Memories page together, to make a Legends and Memories page. I will work on that after I have finished off with this round of interviews...

~ V ~


28 March 2016: 

I have NOT been feeling well! Both of my boys are sick, and they got me sick too...

I had to take my boys and myself to the Urgent Care in Chandler, because that is the closest place which accepts my medical insurance and was open this past weekend. It has not been fun...I am getting sicker by the day also...time for me to go in for some antibiotics or something....

~ V ~


25 April 2016:

So the Urgent Care facility which I had gone to a number of times had misdiagnosed me twice...I saw my primary care doctor this past week and she says that I have "Gutatte Psoriasis", which was brought on by an extreme strep infection in my blood, which had gone untreated due to the misdiagnosis from the Urgent Care facility....oh joy! So, they took my blood and gave me antibiotics. I am happy that this crazy pain and skin rash should be going away soon....I hope.....

~ V ~


14 June 2016:


~ V ~

25 June 2016:

It's been a wild couple of months! OK, so here is the strep levels have not gotten better, they have progressively become worse with each interaction. My PCP has referred me to a dermatologist, who is putting me through UV-B radiation therapy, to clear the skin up, but it does not seem to be doing anything for my strep levels in my blood....

I have been reading up on the type of radiation I am going through, and it's almost the same one which they give to Cancer patients! I don't know how to feel about scares me, I think...but, the bigger problem is that I am on medicines which say to stay out of sunlight (UV rays) and yet here I am being irradiated by them! Yeah, this makes no sense what-so-ever!

Looking into this radiation more might be the best thing to do, since it does not seem like anyone at the dermatologist can answer me and my PCP seems to have washed her hands of me....

I need to get a referral for an ENT (ear nose and throat doctor), so they can take a look back there and see what's going on, from a specialist's point of view....if my tonsils and adenoids are what's causing all this fuss, then let's get rid of them ! It's not a hard decision...

I need to get this taken care of so I can find a job, LIKE STAT!!!

 ~ V ~


11 August 2016:

OK, so I just had my first ENT appointment, and they said that a normal person's tonsils are like at a 0 or a 1..mine were about a 3 plus -- at 4, they are called "Kissing Tonsils" -- cute, right?! No, not really...

They are going to recommend that my tonsils be taken out, and probably my adenoids also....I could have told them that! That's why I am here! Ugh....anyways, now I just have to wait for a phone call back from the doctor's assistant to schedule me for surgery. I was told it could take a week to 10 kids are already back in school, come on already, I need this done so I can get back to work!

 ~ V ~


 27 August 2016:

Today is the day: I am heading in to surgery now! Tonsils and Adenoids, see ya! Skin Rash / Gutatte Psoriasis, see ya! Hello to some healthier living and good friends to help you through everything!

 ~ V ~


07 September 2016:

I am supposed to be having an interview by phone today at 10 am -- I can barely talk! I want this job though, as it's the same company a friend of mine works for, and I think it would be awesome to be able to work along side him some day and  learn everything that he has been doing at his job for the last 9 years or so....wish me luch!!!


I had a good interview by phone -- so good, in fact, that they want me to interview in person tomorrow!

 ~ V ~


08 September 2016:

I had my in person / 5 person panel interview....I think it went well....I will hear back within the week (I hope)....

 ~ V ~


12 September 2016:

It has been a rollercoaster weekend! I have great news -- I got the job!!! This will be the first direct hire position I have had in about 5 years. It has been crazy working as a IT consultant and IT contractor for so long, but it has paid the bills and I am happy that I have had so many opportunities throughout my professional career.

I will start my new position as a TSC with FIS Global on the 26th of September, and will go through 2 weeks of training. I will be a busy man, but I hope to still be able to get back to the genealogies and the website design this fall (sadly I had to take a break from it since March, but I still kept up my genealogy journal -- thankfully).

 ~ V ~


05 October 2016:

Today would have been Ariel's 24th birthday (October 5, 1992 - June 18, 2012)....

I miss her, but her brothers miss her more....they still get sad when they think about her or hear about her, and they still cry often (thankfully they are down to crying once per month) breaks my heart every single time that I see them cry their hearts out....

Here is the memorial of her life resides -- Mohr Funeral Home.

We miss and love you Arrow Girl...I had written this for you after you passed away in 2012...I hope you like it.... 

“Ariel’s Lament”


A little girl went to Heaven today,

The angels came and took her away.


She had a genetic defect,

Some people called it a disease.




Because she couldn’t eat,

She couldn’t breathe?!


She just wanted to be normal,

She didn’t want to take medicine,

Just so she could breathe.


The angels have her in Heaven now,

She is finally free…


~ By Vincint Zangari ~

18 June 2012


 ~ V ~










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