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Every family has it’s stories; every family has it’s origins…what’s yours?

This is where everyone can learn from shared information and histories.

On this page, I hope to be able to share what research I have done and what research others have done before me. I hope to showcase our families and someday find the elusive ancestors(s) that link all the Zangari families from around the world, so that some day we can all stand as one and shout out loud and to the skies "A LA FAMIGLIA!"

Once this website is complete, there will be a Member's Area, where people can sign in and view full copies of my family tree and research. In the mean time, here is a VERY abbreviated and interactive version of my family tree...

2009 Abbreviated Zangari Family Tree

View more of Vincint's tree| Get your own family tree at

My family surnames include Zangari, Monteleone, Barbieri, Belcamino, Apa, Orcutt, Pollister, Thibeault, Ridlar, Morin, Chaloux, and many others. I will be posting a complete list of surnames in the near future.





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